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The cursor is curious. It blinks in anticipation and worries that it is not good enough.  What if it says the wrong thing? No VAR to sort out that mess.  No extrapolation of the facts, examination of the technique, of the meaning, of the intention.  Best to blankly blink and wonder what should have beenContinue reading “Knots”

Beige Brain?

1273.6 cubic centimetres of gelatinous matter, housed in white shell, paraded in shades of skin so infinitely impossible to number as counting the hairs on so many heads. Exquisite the canvas: the murderous thoughts that action the gun, the vacancy of witnessing what it has done. Exhilarated thoughts of the race, of the chase, ofContinue reading “Beige Brain?”

The Courage of Cowardice

It is easy to recall the days you were born. The little voice inside that creeps through miles of fleshy tubes, electric nerve endings and lightning synapses, saturating the soul with its vitriol. You called me coward and still do. Not fighting back against the school bully as he played to an audience of unsympatheticContinue reading “The Courage of Cowardice”

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